Wednesday, January 30

Working Out Stuff

This is all i'll ever do at home..

It's been a week of holidays - not holidays exactly, since i'm no longer a student i'm in the 'Unemployment Zone' for now. 

Day by day i get hit by questions mostly from my Nenek

"Ni Lisa buat apa sekarang ni??"

She's always wondering what i'm doing at home.
since previously due to studies i've never been home for a long period!

And i have to answer, "Tengah cari keje la nek" over and over again.

"Lisa bukan dah keje ke??"

"Bukan nek, lisa belajar je selama ni."

"Oo, belajar jadi cikgu?"

"Bukan nek, lisa belajar account"

Yes! It is tiring to go through this everyday, every hour, every minute
Memang menguji Kesabaran. 

Sometimes just simplifying the answer template makes it easier for her to digest the info
for a few seconds.

Sometimes i do feel like 'melayan' je with her dreams..she likes to think that 
i'm a teacher of some sort.
The more she asks me that question, the more it became like a prayer that one day i will be a Teacher. Insya Allah.

People say i don't get Angry..and are afraid to get me Mad
The fact is, anger is just an emotion, it can be controlled
I am a normal human being full of feelings,
I always try to keep my cool 
but sometimes i just had to let it out straight, with careful choice of words.

Apa da merapu niiii..??

Ehem, so here i am now, working things out.
Actually have a few things i wanna do and enjoy..A LOT of things that is!
So many things to do, So many places to go But so little money to do so :(

Solution : Find a job?

p/s: Relax je la..lepas keje nanti takleh relax daaaa ;)

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