Friday, January 25

Interview Madness

I've just completed my final semester 
as a Bachelor student~ hooray ! :) 
no more going to school carrying loads of books, meeting lecturers
Goodbye to all that .. and


It's time to update the ol' resume and prepare mentally n physically forrrrr...INTERVIEWS!

Talking about interviews..
today i went to my first interview of the year, somewhere in Cyberjaya~

The verdict?

THE Most KELAKAR (FUNNIEST) interview i've ever been to! 

For one, i didn't prepare myself for this..i got to know of this job offer from a friend just the night before! And my friends kept urging me to go..soo, pergi je la~~

It was then i tiba-tiba janggal in the room, interview was done in Malay!
Well, is a plus for me, since Malay flows freely through my tongue..
Problem was, it was too flowy..i mean, like sudah terkeluar bahasa pasar sikit!
(maksud nya tak brapa nak baku la) macam borak dengan kawan-kawan.
Problem was, we were prepared for interviews in English! 
Ok, basically sama je..but the language thing made the mood quite different,
at times main rojak je!

The funniest part was when they looked at my qualifications,
they said, 

"Awak ni pandai sangat, kalau nak ikutkan dah overqualified ni! Sanggup ke awak buat keje ofis ni?"
The thing is, they were actually trying to provoke me..and i laughed inside my head.

"Awak kena jumpa orang susah, tolong2 bagai. Sanggup tak awak??"

Well, i only said that i was willing to take on the challenge, and needed to do something rather than sit and do nothing at home. 

"Awak ni debater ye? Cuba debate kejap pape topic"

Monolog minda - "Ah sudah! Depa nak soh aku debate pulak! huhu" 

I wasn't prepared for this, memang lamaaaa sangat3 tak update on the news and stuff.
Habis sume merapu..tapi dorg layan jugak 
Asalkan nampak confident pun jadi la yek 

Soo my advice to friends out there
after this, no more impromptu interviews..!!
PREPARE NOW..but don't take too long or more lions will join in the hunt.

All the best! :)

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Anonymous said...

yang penting pegi juga bob...