Thursday, December 27

All Grown Up

Such a boring Thursday evening!
It's the FINAL SEMESTER and exams are coming..NEXT WEEK!
Yes..we celebrate our new years with exams..Yay! Can't wait =_= 
The SLOTH within me is itching to surface and procrastinate even more!

Many things have come and gone during my studies here in Melaka..
I've made New friends, Lost some friends, and Started afresh with current friends
Only 1/3 of my life checklist is done..still so many things to see and do..

One day nenek came up to me and asked,

"Lisa, lisa sudah ada boyfriend?"

Here I was surprised by the sudden question..haha tergelak dalam hati.

"Kenapa nek?"

"Takde lah, kalau ada bagus la. Adat la tu. Biasa la, umur macam lisa ada boyfriend. Nenek tak marah kalau ada. Ada ke tak?"

"Ooo..takde la nek" 

Some of my friends will then go "Aipp..Iye ke takde lisa??"

Looks like i am too old and abit late to go aboard the marriage train eh? 
Many of my friends around my age i see are getting married, maybe it just isn't my time yet..insya Allah, God has set His own plans for me.

Nonetheless! Life still goes on..the thought of working sometimes gives me the shivers.
I try to imagine myself working..among the busy KL working class, up till late nights (i hope i could avoid from this) chasing the LRT or ERL to avoid a red punch card.
Yeah..i could only imagine..but facing it is another thing. 

It's unlike the thing i've always been used to all my life.Learning.
Packing my bag before class. The walk with some friends to class. Sitting and waiting for the lecturer to come and enlight us with more knowledge. Sometimes giving more assignments and I just take my time to complete them in my room. 

Huh! Back then Ignorance was Bliss. Never knowing what the world might offer. 

Hey, Im not complaining here. Everyone goes through the same thing, only some get it quicker and some quite slow. I'm just learning to be a better person every day. Insya Allah.

Live Life Happy and Stay Positive :)


Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

I don't really like when ppl asked " You don't have a boyfriend??? "

It seems that having a boyfriend is a must. LOL.

Alyssa Villamor said...

Haha exactly!
It seems like u just need to go to a shopping mall to get one of those (a bf i mean) :P