Sunday, June 26

Here I Go Again

Here I go again
Back to the same spot
The only spot, I'm too familiar with 
It has become my comfort zone

Only this time, I was ready 
I had my pillows and shields up
My pawns have helped me along the way  
until I, the Queen is left alone
without the King

It was bound to happen 
It was bound to be another chapter in my Taylor Swift-like-romance
Like how I never get enough of this 

"They're like chocolate cake, like cigarettes. 
I know they're bad for me, but I can't leave 'em alone"

I am trying to be the emotionless little bitch that i've been before
but I can't. 

I'm just me. 

Until the time comes, 
I know someone out there is also looking for me. 
Just that our paths haven't crossed yet. 

Until it does.. i'll be the one with her nose buried in books and her head in the clouds. 

Sunday, September 7

Politics is Like a Dog Learning to Meow

It's funny how the office kind of feels like college. 
There's always the over confident kid, 
the 'teachers' pet.
Then there's the popular peeps, 
feeling all high and mighty. 
The superior bosses, 
some quite bossy and some down to earth. 
The i-don't-know-what-i'm-doing-here-but-there's-pay person. 
Yes, there's all sorts of people in the office. 
In a 'mature' meritocratic environment, 
the game just gets harder. 

There will always be gossiping, back-stabbing and kipas-mengipas (ass kissing). 
The ones who stand out will always be seen, 
and others who chose to stay in the background may never be heard 
no one is there to back u up, unless there's benefit to the other party. 
It IS a dog eat dog world out there. 

Through time,  u will begin to get used to it
It's either u get into the game, or just ignore it. 
There will be instances when u will say,
"I want to quit!"
well, STOP! and think.

It might still be too early, 
u have your whole life ahead of you. 
Think of what you want for your future and keep making mistakes. 
Don't worry if it's wrong or right,
keep on learning and never give up.