Wednesday, January 30

Cinta Facebook

Final exams are just around the corner.
She made a promise to herself to not log in to her Facebook account 
all through the exam period.

She decides to ask one of her closest friends to change her Facebook account password,
just so that she won't be able to surf the social networking site once she feels the sudden urge to.

As she walks along the corridor she saw Adam. 
She walks straight to him and says, " Adam, i need ur favour.." and tells him her intentions.

Adam said, "OK" and they went to the nearest PC they could find so that she could log in to her FB account first. 
He gave a little thought for a moment and looked at his good-willed friend...he knew the perfect password for her.

Password : ********  and pressed Enter.

She managed to go through her finals without logging in to her Facebook account. Thanks to him. Though she never did saw him after that day. 

After the finals she tried to login to her account, but failed.

She tried to look for Adam, gave him a call and agreed to meet up at their favourite 
eat out,
The Chicken Rice Shop.

They talked and talked (while they ate till they were full) but she forgot to ask him the thing that got them to meet that day. Adam kept quiet and smiled. 

At the end of the day, Adam gave her a note, she told her to open it when she got home.

She exclaimed,"It's the password right?!"


At home she opened up the note,

haha i know it's kinda corny right? This is actually a story i made up in 29/12/2011 !!
The time when i had inspiration.
And i'm only able to get back to it tonight! 
What was my inspiration? I dunno.. 
Dun ask dun tell, If ask still not tell ;)

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