Tuesday, January 24

Movie Marathon Jan 2012

It was his first time in Melaka
and i couldn't think of any other place to go to..
Jonker Walk...too crowded!
Dataran Pahlawan/Mahkota Parade...too tiring!
Marina Bay...too many rempits!

So we just decided to watch UNDERWORLD 4 @ GSC JJ! 
*yay! ^^,

As always Selena is so cool and sexy 
with her super cool moves
The movie lasted for an hour and a half
but it felt like only 30 minutes had passed by
YES! Goes to show how every bit of action is never ending cool-ness
(and i do realize i've used the word 'cool' too many times but who cares!)

The show ended earlier than expected
Then i remembered i had this (two) complimentary pass 
Thanks to GSC AEON Melaka :)

got this from the Faculty Dinner organized by us Semester 6 students

At first i didn't want to use them
sayang kot, bile lagi nak dapat benda ni kan
But then he convinced me to used them jugak
buat rugi je kalau tak gunekan

Since only the movie with stars (*)
are allowed to be watched using le passes
We decided on this movie:

My expectation


It is a story set in Russia
where 2 programmers are on the brink of being millionaires 
and then realized they were being duped by their own friend
Frustrated, they hang out at the club and met two girls..blah3..
Then there was this huge blackout and some kind of alien electric sucking thing
came and shred everything in its path!

Thus the characters struggle to find other people that are still alive on Earth
and all the other cliche stuff happens from then on..

Just like all the other end-on-the-world movies u happen to watch
they will always be some thousand number of mankind still alive,
and waiting to start a new life.

NASIB BAIK free je..kalau tak menyesal je dok tgk cite tu.

To him: Thanks for coming to Melaka :)

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