Thursday, January 26

First Day into Internship

Place : Yusof Suffian @ Bangi
Date  : 26th January 2012

Here it is my personal 'Log Book' where i can seem to share almost everything that happened in A Day of An Intern.

Excited as i should be for my First Day into Internship, my parents+brother+grandma seemed all the more excited.
And my body clock is still trying to adjust to waking up early and not sleeping for the rest of the day (i know, lazy me!)

Being the first day, i can't quite expect what i'll be doing today.
Who i'll be meeting. And the kind of environment i'll be working in.
Though the thing that bothers me is that i'm too relaxed for my 1st day in.
As if i didn't really care what they'll throw at me. Layan je la~

Being that we (Mun and I) were few of the interns who started early 
(Internship was supposed to start @ 1 Feb) i noticed that we could still be relaxed
since the workload is not that much. 

We're just starting to learn the UBS Accounting Software.
And there i felt like i was learning AIS (Accounting Information System) all over again.
The tension of having to check and redo any errors in keying in those items and amounts..soooo frustrating! 
(kalau salah satu habis lah semua..sama ada kita pening kepala or kena buat balik terus)

Worse things are bound to happen.
Just as i was on my way home. My car won't start!
So i kinda panicked and found some help at the nearby service shop. Alhamdulillah, the guy managed to jump start my car. And i arrived home safely. 
BUT! Then at home, the car engine kept on running, even when i pulled out the key! 

Sad and tired as i was then, my mom kept on saying that the car doesn't like me.
And i said 'Maybe it isn't Lisa-proof!' 
My mom just laughed. i am, waiting for my car to get fixed..Lisa-proof it!

Off to another days' work as the Intern. =)

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