Monday, January 9

Somethings' Gotta Give

from google~

The reason being:
It will be a shame if i didn't finish what i started

However there are times when some things are not meant to be
and it ends just like that
It's always the elephant in the room,
u never want to admit it,
but it is true 
always was and always will be.
Just face the facts and get it over with.

Sometimes' some things are worth a try
being a risk taker
u just held on, hoping it will turn out right.
Then comes the time u ask ur heart,

"What the hell am i doing here?"

And ur heart says that u need to be there,
be strong and don't give up.
Don't ever let pebbles in ur shoes distract u from ur way to success.
Don't be disheartened.
Just remember that
Things always happen for a reason
a good one at that.


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