Friday, July 8

Kawan vs Kekasih

"Mencintai seseorang bukanlah bermaksud memilikinya. Jika kita benar-benar menyintainya, sesiapa sahaja pilihan dia, terimalah dengan hati yang terbuka dan doakan kebahagiaannya. Itulah cinta sejati"

To love is not to own.
To love is to accept whoever she chooses,
to see the one u love truly happy.
That is true love.

A friend is there for you when you are down
listens when there's no one else around
notices when u hide a frown
For all the little things,
U can always count on ur friend.

A lover is always there for u
no matter what
to laugh, to cry, to fight
u'll even die if u have to.
Then there's all the stupid things u do for love~

U make a fool of urself
just to prove u love her
It doesn't matter what u do,
u trust ur feelings won't let u down.
U'll feel happy when u're together,
u'll miss her when she's not around
Though u'll always fight when there's distance
afraid that the other will drift away..slowly.
In spite of it all
U know it is because u love her.

"Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder."

The green monster of jealousy will easily drop by
when lovers are in doubt of the other.
But a friend doesn't give an eff of what u do,
she just consoles and advises u.
Because she knows
U're big enough to think for urself.

There is no difference between a friend and a lover
Both u love
Both u don't want to lose
Both loves u for who u are

Having someone who loves u,
makes u feel u belong to someone.
Having a friend who loves u,
makes u feel loved.

A lover can be a good friend,
but a good friend can be a great lover.
Only when u realize this, u just know 
whether she is ur true love?

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