Monday, July 11

... is the Best Medicine

They say that "Laughter is the Best Medicine"

But there's just this one medicine i can't quite comprehend
but may still acknowledge

The Placebo Effect

Interesting eh?

Your brains tells what ur body is feeling,
If u keep on saying
"Saya rase macam nak demam la."
"Peningnye..nak demam."


Dah awak yang nak sangat demam tu,
memang la awk betul2 demam karang.
Kalau dok merungut je, tak buat apa2 untuk elakkan demam tu datang
memang dia datang, awak yang mintak.
Kalau bukan awak yang mintak pun,
dah benda nak jadi, hadapi je la~
Tol tak?

"Penyakit adalah penghapus dosa"

So instead of complaining that u're sooo sick,
keep telling urself to be strong
and do something about it,
don't keep on complaining about how ur body is being cruel to u.

Just because u face one measly obstacle
doesn't mean that u'll quit living.
Keep on trying and don't give up.
There is always a reason to everything that happens.

When u work towards one goal,
u believe anything will work.
The more u believe,
the more it comes true.

The power of believing!

Yeah i know that sounds quite cheesy,
but hey, at least its 'scientifically proven'
That is placebo effect.
It may of may not work on some people,
but there's always the power of Positive Thinking   
and it works most of the time~

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