Monday, July 11

Say My Name!

"Uh, hello, Analyssa? Is this Analyssa?"
"Yes. It's Alyssa"
"Oh, sorry. Alyssa" 

Pfftt! So much for having such a hard to pronounce name,
then they go and add more letters in my name!

Analyssa = Analisa (a Malay word) = (which means) Analysis

What kinda screwed up parents would call their kids by a process of working something out?

Oppss!I stand corrected =P

What do u think, 
should we just name our babies out of the Generally-Accepted-Cute Baby Names Book
or just give them unorthodox names?


.rENEx. said...

its normal..:) but i do love ur nama..cute..:)

ken said...

depends on the parents.. some rare names are unique :)

Alyssa Villamor said...

renex : hehe thanks dear :)

ken : yeah, true, maybe the parents just wants their kids to feel unique..