Friday, July 8

I Kinda Miss ...


For the co-curriculum uniforms we get to wear instead of the usual school attire

I used to swoon everytime i see a guy wearing uniform (i still do)
There's just something becoming about guys in uniforms..haha

Josh Duhamel <3

Then when one wears the uniform
there's the feeling of being proud of ones club/society - of belonging.

I used to HATE school uniforms! Coz we only get to wear the same outfit EVERYDAY.
Any thing less or more then u'll get a fine of something like that.
Forced to follow the rules.
Its just the same old white-blue or white-green uniform with black shoes.
Just being bored of having to wear the same outfit every day of the week!
Not getting to choose what u really want to wear.

BUT now i kinda miss those uniforms

PhotobucketNow ur fashion sense is tested,
having to choose the colours that matches u 
the patterns that suits u
whilst making sure u don't look like a clown
thus resisting people from saying u're colour blind.

Colour blind or just FASHION?
With uniforms u don't have to shop for new,fashionable clothes
Just buy the same thing..and wear it..that's that!
U shy away when u see another girl wearing 
that same yellow daisy patterned sun-dress u just bought yesterday

a dress u may only wear once!
Then u'll buy something more sexy/expensive/fresh/different just to stand out 
As if there is this fashion war going on.
Then there's that morning u just can't decide what to wear 
then u just throw in anything, as long as ur wearing something! (always happens to me)

With uniforms u don't have to worry..don't worry, we're all just the same!
Even though we have differences we are somehow united with a simple uniform~

alyzv~ cheers to being united! =D

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