Monday, June 20

Weird Things vs Crazy Things

Weird things keep happening to me 
this year
Things that i know i shouldn't be involved in.
"curiouser and curiouser"
Just like Alice, i keep on wanting to chase the White Rabbit
and lose myself into the Rabbit Hole
I've met Twiddle-dee and Twiddle-dum 
the Mad Hatter - who keeps persuading me to do mad stuff
however i am yet to meet the Red Queen.

I keep saying this to myself
"Why is the raven like a writing desk?"

YES! Literally!
i dunno why, every time i see something weird/illogical/crazy
i unconsciously say this
mostly i'm just wasting my time (bored)
trying to figure out something that has no answer to

I keep tangling myself in stuff
i guess i haven't learned enough of..yet.
I try to come out strong,
but all that's left is just me.

all tangled up in a mess.

alyzv~ reorganize urself lyssa..quick!

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