Thursday, June 23

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Moving on - sounds easy to put in words
but it's really that hard to do.

Have u ever loved somebody,
every where u go there he'll be
your laughter was his smile,
your tears was his Achilles heels,
and his smile never fails to make ur heart skip a beat?

You'll never get too angry
because u love him too much to see him sad
Sometimes u try to irritate him,
U can see him trying to resist being mad at u
But he makes due with nagging
this and that, blah blah blah ~
like you're a 10-year-old child
But it only makes u smile - to see him talking so profusely
U laugh.
And he smiles - and stops to hug u 
coz he knows u've learnt ur lesson
no matter what he still loves u.

Even now, 
i've moved on
i can remember him nagging
like a 'pakcik'
I used to hate it, but i grew fond of the way 
his fangs (gigi taring) shows everytime he smiles
after seeing me sulk 
trying to make me smile 
with that crazy way of his - singing way out of tune.

Every little thing,
that once made me cry
whenever i think of him
only makes me smile.
Every single thing
that he ever did to tick me off
only makes me smile now.
Thanking him, for all the smiles he made me.
There's no use of regretting,
coz all that i ever wanted was there.

I've moved on,
in search of what i should be needing.
I don't know what it is yet..
BUT i'm still searching~

Was listening to this song
and got the mood to write this.

Sometimes i kinda miss nagging someone :P
BUT in the end, they know it's just me being me.

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ken said...

"move on"
easy advice from action speaks louder than words :)