Friday, June 24

Movie Review : Ladda Land

It's SUPPOSE to be a horror movie!!
(note the stress on suppose)
This is the first horror movie poster i've seen with a happy smiling family ~ 
creppy lady sitting there wants to take a family photo too!
But i'm never the one that'll suggest a horror movie -- coz it's been that way since i was young the movies my family watched were comedy's and action and science fiction stuff. Oh and cartoons! 

However sometimes it do enjoy a good scream.

This time it was Maryam that persuaded me to watch this..after soo long! 
(the last horror film i saw was Khurafat)

That was wayyyyy back in January this year.
So Maryam tiba-tiba ajak to watch this movie
and i was like "Oh-OK-Jom!" 
just coz i didn't think there were any other movie that i wanted to watch

Layan je laaa ~

I admit, i was feeling anxious before the movie started
and keep debating in my head whether this was a good idea or not
in my head i try to remember the last time i watched a Thai horror film
--> i think it was Phobia 2 

So a typical Thai horror movie will have this:
- sinful young teenagers that disobey their parents
- adults stressed out with their jobs/jealous of others fortunes and turn to supernatural ways to overcome it
- adults with too much money and feels they are superior to others
- very eerie music + suspense scene = then BOOM out comes the badly make up ghosts
- the ghosts disturb them because them did something wrong or sometimes it's just for fun
- they just HAD to go to the forest/toilet/imagine any other scary place AT NIGHT TIME 
- the ghost just LOVES to play HIDE n SEEK!

In the end i convinced myself that this one might not be too scary..right?

YES i was right!! 
i didn't enjoy it that much.
I bet the guy sitting next to me being hugged by his girl-f every time scary music starts ENJOYED it!
Maryam and i were sandwiched by couples snuggling and the girl being 'scared' and 'timid'
all through the movie
when the girl gets closer the the guy, he will be so macho-like and say
"Ala, tak seram pun la awak." Laughs and hugs her.
padahal dalam hati dia pun takut gak, saje wat2 macho depan awek :P

Maryam was the excited one,
even when the girl-ghost moved a hand - she screamed
when the door of the dead persons' house suddenly closed - she took my hand
when the ghost showed her face - she closed her eyes
(this was where i got the glimpse of the ghosts' make up!UGLY yes SCARY no)
What did i do?
Hold my breath and try to make a joke out of it and laugh it off HAHA.

Putting some realism into the paranormal stuff this movie was suppose to show.

I managed to see some moral values out of this story:

Hey if u're looking for a real scare, don't waste ur time with this one
U'll get sleepy towards the end of the movie - TRUST ME!

How many stars?
** 1/2 

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