Saturday, January 29

Movies: To Watch Or Not

Before u decide on which movies to watch, 
i'd be more than happy to show u which ones shouldn't waste ur time watching!

the poster is just as boring as the movie

So..we went to watch THIS movie..
cos it seems that January is 'Horror movie season' 
even the CINEMA looked like a 'Haunted House' !

This movie however IS about witches,
but there's little show of what this 'witches' ever did to deserve to be killed
(if u've ever read on ur history about witches, u'll know why)

To me, the storyline is too simple
-There's the hero (Nick Cage) that is the SUPER COOL KNIGHT. Gains victory to EVERY war he's been in.
-Then he accidentally kills an innocent girl (which later on keeps haunting him in his dreams - a witch maybe?)
-He meets a beautiful girl (in the dungeon) that is claimed to be a witch. BUT being the valiant knight, he thinks that the girl is normal.
-The girl was then to be sent to somewhere (i cant remember where) for trial. To see whether she is a witch or a mortal.
-Lots of obstacles along the way ... blah,blah, blah..
-In the end, the most cliche thing happens! They all die~

I think?
Actually i SLEPT on the most 'exciting' part of the story..
But yeah, basically the ending was not memorable.
Dont watch this! But if u want to, just buy the DVD.

just another Malay horror flick
So this movie Khurafat is about how superstitions may backfire on u.
'Khurafat' actually means the act of believing in superstition thus shirks ones responsibility to Allah SWT.
Where one should always ask from Allah, the act of khurafat is when one asks help from supernatural beings.
Something that one shouldn't mess with..

So basically u can already figure out what this movie will be like..right?
Dark setting PLUS the sudden appearance of pale-faced long-haired ghosts
PLUS the 'awesome' suspense music
(everything u can expect from a Malay horror film)
Basic storyline.

But one thing is commendable,
the camera angle is quite nice
for a horror film.
AND if any of u noticed, they like to shoot at the same place with the same angle
That is if ur not too busy covering ur eyes
in case the ghost appears.

Watch if u love to scream
Don't watch if u're only gonna sleep throughout the show :P

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