Saturday, January 29

Trying to Figure You Out

Hey there Half-Me,

I've been thinking.
About u, about us
and the things that surrounds u and me

The summer, the fall
winter and the best of all
was spring.
Those things, that made me step back
and think..
no..not think
I've been learning
through the best teacher i could find.
She taught me how to figure u out.

I've been pondering
As always.
Wondering what if..
u never do what i did
if i never  go where u went
if u never give what i gave

So many what if's
came through my head,
until i finally got u.
A spark came to me
The one that made me realize
but not quite regret.

U never knew what u wanted
u wanted everything
U never knew what u did
ur a dare-devil
U never knew what u were giving
u have a heart of gold
Little did u realize, that all of that 
will haunt u later.
I realize more and more that
i missed u
but i cant turn back time.
All i can do is pray
that u'll figure me out, one day.

-from Ur Other Half~

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