Friday, February 4

It's Just A Little Crush

Songs back in the 90's are awesome!
I used to listen to this kinda songs in the school bus
on the way home
OMG..i missed this!!

Ah yes..i've had one of these before..
if u asked me now, what did it feel like?
I'll say..i cant remember..coz im now a heartless little creature Photobucket

People keep on telling me
"Seorang pergi, seribu yang datang"
(can't quite remember the english equivalent to this proverb)

Literally i means 'One goes, a thousand will come'.
But the truth is..nothing comes so easily..

What is a 'Crush' ?

A crush normally starts out as a secret between u and urself.
It's when u like someone, u have a crush on that person
He/she is ur crush.
Then, u convince urself on whether u like him/her or like like him/her?

Although i never quite understood how 'the act of breaking, pounding, or crumpling'
could also mean an act of liking someone..?

PhotobucketCould it be because ur heart may get crushed
once u know that ur crush doesnt really like u back?

I dunno. U tell me..?

A typical teenage (ehem2) girl will have at least 1 famous star (hollywood, bollywood, malay, korean, japanese) as HER CRUSH for all time. [True Story]

Common names: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Tom Cruise, Lee MinHo, Rosyam Nor(?)

If for guys, they'll probably have crushes on..erm..Lisa Surihani?

HEY! Back to reality now..
For all i know, crushes go a long way..
They bring out the best in a kind of weird way.
They can be ur friend AND ur unofficial someone at the same time.

I used to have this crush on this guy in primary school
for such a looooooong time
i'm not quite sure if he even knew i had a crush on him
(i could be so obvious sometimes)
but maybe one day i will tell him..and then we'll probably start laughing about it!

Till then, i'll still keep on crushing
as they say in Malay - my Semangat (means my Strenght)
He'll be kinda like my motivation,
someone who'll pull me up when im down.

Some of u may say that
its better to tell rather than keep quiet.
Coz what will happen when another person walks into the picture?

This is what happens~

This is my life so far..
Till then, i keep a positive outlook on life.. =)

alyzv~ Just tired of being the other girl..


Rie said...

crush..sometimes had that once in a while..but i have to convert that crush into something more meaningful sooner or later...pray for me lyssa :)

Lina said...
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