Sunday, June 13

Rainbows Come After a Heavy Storm

In my last post i sounded sad..yes
and depressed..yes
i was..and still a little bit am thinking about what i did.
 Somewhere over the rainbow~

But then i came to realize that 
my world has not yet ended, 
there is more in life is offering me
my final year results (semester6) already came out
Alhamdulillah, my final CGPA is now 3.61 ^^,
Which means i've obtain the Vice Chancellor Awards .. Yay! 

Only Allah SWT knows how very thankful i am.
I want to give thanks to all my lecturers in IKIP5
Those who have supported me throughout my years of study there
my friends who gave me motivation when i was feeling down
who was always there to give me advice when i was having 'love problems'
and not to forget my family, for always supporting me..
mama..nk camera DSLR! hehe ;p

Sony A350 DSLR..
kalau tak dapat yang ni pun tak pe..asalkan DSLR! hehe

Special msg to all my friends ~ yay! kita dapat grad sama2 ! tak sabar rasa nya ^^,


RoronoaZoro said...

wahh.. tingginya.. pointer aku xpernah dapat tinggi.. paling tinggi 3.56 jer.. anywat.. congratulation.. =)

alyzv said...

alhamdulillah =) thanks zoro..
wah, kamu pun tak kurang hebat nye!
ni kte sem6 baru dapat nek mendadak, alhamdulillah~ ;)

kenwooi said...

rainbow is beautiful =)

Matt Leopardus said...

congrats lyssa u made it :) my life is in heavy storm..oh no (-o-)

alyzv said...

yeah =)

alyzv said...

huhu bearly made it la matt..
now hujan dah dtg balik =(

Twin XL said...

Going through a rough patch....this post makes me feel better :)