Monday, June 14

I Know Its Going To Be An Emo Day

Every day is raining,
Its like God wanted the weather to corroborate with my heart
But somehow, the RAINBOW i hoped for never came
I am not a patient person, i've always wanted fast results
THE right answer -THE only answer i can depend on

Its been only 3 days, and my heart fidgets every time
i think of the possible outcomes
I keep telling my self to be ready
to face whatever might be

I keep hearing this song in my head
It's a really meaningful song by Sudirman
His last song before his death.
Its not actually a really sad song,
its just a song for us to really cherish
the ones you love.
When they're gone, remember them for the happy memories
you had shared~

Sampaikan salam buat semua
Salam terakhir salam teristimewa
Kepada kau yang tersayang
Pada teman yang ku kenang
Pemergian ku ini tak dirancang

Usah bertanya mengapa aku
Mengucap salam terakhir kepada mu
Kerna waktu berputaran
Bimbang tak berkesempatan
Melahirkan kerinduan terhadapmu

( korus 1 )
Demi sebuah kenyataan
Yang amat menyakitkan
Aku yang tidak berdaya
Hanya berserah padaNya

( korus 2 )
Salam akhir
Salam yang teristimewa
KepadaNya ku memohon keampunan
MelaluiNya ku beri kemaafan

( ulang korus1, korus2 )

Andainya aku punya waktu
Masih ku ingin mengulangi semula
Saat indah bersama mu
Sayang tak berkesempatan
Abadikan saja salam ku di ingatan

Salam ku yang terakhir

alyzv~ sorry i know all my posts lately are soooo emo, but thats the point of me blogging,
i'll try to cheer my self up a bit..and only then i'll be able to post a happy entry..
Please keep on smiling my dear friends ~ bcos ur SMILE is very PRECIOUS..


Gaga said...

klu ari2 de pelangi kan best.. walaupun hari x hujan.. keep smiling lisa.. ur friends will always be with u to give their supports... =) hehe.., just accepts whatever possibilities... be strong gurl.. hihi..

Rabia Sensei said...


Ada award nak bagi awak. Nanti check kat sini yer Cutest Blogger Award

Twin XL said...

I feel your heartache...going through my own right now....I hope we both feel better soon :)

alyzv said...

thanks rabia..t ada masa sy balas yek ;)