Saturday, June 12

If You Love Something Let It GO

I'm not even sure if what i'm doing now is
wrong or right
I didn't expect myself of doing this
I just did it.

Letting go ..
is not as easy as some people may say
It's not.
There's no use for me to regret
No use of turning back.

I have to make myself stronger
so that it'll all end slower
I have to make myself patient
so that i'll get an answer

If this is not our destiny
If we weren't meant to be
then Allah will show me what to do next.
I pray that u will find your happiness
n i hope that you will cherish our friendship still.

Till we meet again in 12/07/2010 ..Insya Allah~

alyzv~ please make the right choice my friend.


RoronoaZoro said...

life is going on.. destiny is waiting.. dont look back.. run to the front n dont stop !!

kata2 semangat apa pon aku x tahu.. terkeluar.. =P

alyzv said...

haha thanks zoro..
apa la run to the front, ade ke org run to the back ;P
thanks for the kata2 semangat yg spontan tu..hehe

Frodo Baggins said...

why i love my home?
becoz i love my cat!
hahahhahahaha ...
move on! the truth is out there (X-Files)



Twin XL said...

It sounds like you & I are going through similar situations....hang in there....I'll try to, too :)

fjordz said...

awww... this is a sad post.. hope you'll get away with the pain soon. Move on!

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