Tuesday, June 1

Do Birds Pee?

euww gross! ~ pic frm google

I was driving my car today to Bangi,
until then i saw this white 'thing' on my windshield - bird poo
Then i began to wonder, 
why do we only see these white things on our car,
*tak de tempat lain ke dia nk melabur?
and do they (the birds) ever pee??
And if they DO pee, what colour should that be?

Then i googled and found this ~ http://dobirdspee.com/

I like this explanation the best:

"When they poop they excrete both kinds at the same time but it isn't liquidy like urine. 
If you look closely you will see that there are two different colors of excrement, white or almost pale greenish and a darker bit in the center. That whitish part is like uric acid. It's their way of getting rid of the nitrogen-containing wastes formed during the breakdown of proteins in their blood. Urea needs lots of water to be safely expelled from the body. Uric acid is pretty safe in its drier form as it doesn't dissolve in water very easily. 
SO not all animals pee but all need to get rid of their toxic waste somehow. 
Birds just do it in a way to conserve their water in the bodies. - Galeanda, Answerbag"
There ya go..hahaha
dont go thinking bout the other 'bird' ah
which most definitely pees ;p

alyzv~ or maybe they do pee, just that we mistake it as raindrops ..? haha ;p


jfook said...

Haha. I never know they don't pee. LOL

kenwooi said...

that is informative! never thought of it before.. =)

shaffique said...

thanks for the fact. been wondering about this too. ;)

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RoronoaZoro said...

i always think that bird's shit is pee already.. haha...

my bird is pee.. how come.. hahaha

Matt Leopardus said...

yeah i saw bird's shit has 2 diff. colors, yellowish plasma is the pee right?

alyzv said...

lolx that's what i've been wondering all this time!

alyzv said...

ur very welcome shaffique =)

alyzv said...

haha faham2 sendiri la ;p

alyzv said...

thanks (=

alyzv said...

hehe not quite sure la matt, tak tgk betul2 pun
terus basuh n lap :P

Twin XL said...

Hmmm....icky, but interesting :)