Monday, May 31

New Banner New Look?

The Old

The New

The Concept?

Just plain ol' Lyssa
Just that we took a photo of me with flowers (my most favourite!)
which makes me Super Cute Lyssa !
hahaha :p
perasan gile~ 

alyzv~ still can't make up my mind on my own catchy tagline..any ideas anyone?


FYMSO said...

Loving the new banner, Lyssa! Where was it taken?

alyzv said...

thanks sis ! =D
this was taken @ Taman Wawasan, Putrajaya..

RoronoaZoro said...

uihh.. lawa banner baru.. hik3..

bila la aku nak ada banner nie.. =P

hans said...

more better

Matt Leopardus said...

the new one is more matured and inspired, good job lyssa :)

alyzv said...

thanks matt ^^,

alyzv said...

thanks hans :)

alyzv said...

mekasih2 hehe
try r wat bile ade mase lapang t =)

mengenaldiri said...

wah..canitk!! =)

Twin XL said...

LOVE the new banner!!!!