Sunday, May 30

What She Saw @ Youth'10

The MOST AWESOME EVENT of year 2010 EVER! 

Let the pictures do the rest ;)

Banyak gila tiket, tapi tak g pun day3 ..sbb hantar Emil g MMU :(

What She Did?

- Is bought me a new selendang
that has 'I am Gorgeous' written on it many2 times..hehe

~nice or not? hehe

- Had the chance to see the Showdown2010 contestants perform!
~gila cool !!

- Took a photo with HAFIZ ~ the host of Showdown2010 
and also some of the performing groups !

- Watched some ppl creating Graffiti art..very2 nice..

- Got myself a new Pendrive+Pen+Laser ..totally cool!
Then my father was interested with it n just gave it to him..hehe

- Grabbed the 'Career Guide' softcopy from the booth
with the pendrive i got..hehe

- Saw Paul Moss with my very own eyes..i mean like LIVE! 
he was walking next to me, n didnt have the quick reflex to call at him..huhu

- Got free 'Libresse' pads..banyak gila dia bagi !! 

~ 1 box with many2 sizes

~ personality test on the spot.. ;)

- Saw many clothing, shawls & shoes ! Wanted to buy more, but no more $$$ :(
~who want to sponsor? huhu

- Many2 things that she just cant get to put into words !

All i can say is that this event is THE event BY youths, FOR youths
you cant get anymore youth-ier (caution: not a word) then this ! ;p

I'm hoping that many more of this events will come in the future =)

alyzv~ gile rugi la sape yang tak g ni..u're really missing out ! 


Matt Leopardus said...

byk dpt freebies? wow bestnya hehe..

kenwooi said...

i went got last year's.. not this year's tho.. =P

MuNsYi~SaMa said...

best2..xdpt g sbb sgt jauh..=(

alyzv said...

last year also got izit? i didnt know..hehe

alyzv said...

tu kn :)

alyzv said...

lor..maybe next time u can come ;)

maliQ said...

haha didnt see u..but i saw nabilah anuar n fariza yg dulu class 5science3 today(sunday)..hahah

glad u liked it. try to be a volunteer next time!


long haffiz long hassan said...

pergi tak ajak yerk..
cmniue la member..haha

Twin XL said...

So glad you had a great time :)

alyzv said...

hehe insya Allah ;)

hey, u bertugas kat mana hah?

alyzv said...

haha next time la yek long ;)

alyzv said...


hudaMcGyver said...

welcome to youth '10~

tenkiu for coming~

*ade dengar tak ayat neh kat eskelator? hihi