Sunday, May 30

Something Not Worth Missing Out On


OMG didnt u go??
You should HAVE!

The reason i didnt update my blog for 
almost 3 days is:

i. My bf borrowed my lappy
ii. Then my bro wanted to use my lappy as well
iii. I was too tired to update once i got my lappy back! 

On Friday Is n I went to Alamanda to
watch POP..
YES! The most dreamy (besides Aladdin) prince in the (gaming) world !

 ~the Movie

~the Game

Well..since i've already played the Game before,
*in my bro's PS2
i really loved the way u can 'cheat death'
of the Prince
I mean whenever u r at a near fall u can always use the 'Sands of Time'
to turn back time!

Its the same in the movie,
just that Prince Dastan keeps on accidentally pressing 
the button that activates the 'Sands of Time' dagger! =_=

There is not much acrobatic action fighting going on,
lots of Parkour stuff happening though
(walking along walls, jumping from building to building and such)
Some sword skills added in to give flavour..
It seems that the bad guys fighting skills are MUCH more impressive than the Prince himself! 

Then there's the beautiful modern princess 
a girl who thinks for herself ;)
she can't eff-ing know how to fight! 
Haiya, how is she to protect the dagger is she cant fight ...??

All in all...
The movie was kinda cheesy,
and i would prefer more action!

Bonus on the way POP keeps on smiling ~sooo cute ! 
i mean..Prince Dastan in the game never smiled! haha ;p

3 stars for trying hard to follow the gameplay~

To be continued ~ What She Saw @ Youth'10

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