Sunday, May 30

Goodbye My Little Bro~


It's my bro's 1st day @ MMU 

~haha banyak lisa jek yang bergambar :P

Its the Cyberjaya campus,'s located only 25 minutes from my house! 
So, what's there to miss?!

- The 'log' that only wakes up @ 1pm
- His chubby cheeks for me to 'cubit2'
- Fighting on who gets to use MY laptop first
- The big teddy bear-like bro for me to hug
- One to smile with whenever mama does something and only both of us can see the 'funny side' of it

That's pretty much of it..
Makes me wish i could go back to college too.. =(

My wishes for my lil bro,
dunno if u'll ever be reading this
but if u r reading~
Emil dah besar dah
jadi stop acting like a kid, and be more independent
& jangan nangis lak kat hostel malam nih! 
hahah :P

Oh and one more thing...
~ haha found it @ the guy's hostel :P

alyzv~ do check out his blog he is a much awesome writer then me..!

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Twin XL said...

Awwww, sweet post :)