Wednesday, May 12

A Special Tag-Heuer for Moi~

Sorry to disappoint myself, its not a Tag-Heuer and NOT Brad Pitt..
I got tagged again by Matt Leopardus !
 ~ len kali tag r skali ngn jam cam gini yek ;p

1) Apa yang anda akan buat bila anda tahu member anda tikam belakang anda?
*What would u do if u found out that ur friend back-stabbed u?
I'll back-stab her/him back with the kitchen knife (or anything sharper than what she/he stabbed me with) la! ape susah..

2) 6 orang di hati anda?
*6 people in your heart?
ALLAH (in my heart n mind), Family, Friends, Azir Iskandar Eddy Waluyo, my Teachers (Lecturers), and anybody else who wants to be in it! =P

3) Anda rasa anda comel?
*Do u think u're cute?
I think so, therefore i am..;p
4) Single or taken?
Not married but not available

5) Blog yang anda suka?
*Blog that u like?
Erm..can't make up my mind on which, but u can check them out on my links on the side bar 'Friends & their Blog' 

6) Adakah bilik anda kemas setiap hari?
*Do u tidy up your room everyday?
Yes i do and sometimes it already 'tidy' ;p
7) Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
*The last song u listened to?
Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson 
(was downloading new songs just now.hehe)
8) Last text message?
from Emil (my lil bro) asking me to come pick him up @ the park =_= 
(pemalas tol nk jalan kaki lik uma)

9) Last phone call?
from MaiKimie!! =D

10) Hari terakhir anda menangis?
*Last day u cried?
Can't remember when, but it was the night before my final exams~ blame stress :(

11) List lima color favorite anda?
*List down 5 of your favorite colours?
Pink! AND Purple! thats all..
12) Orang terakhir anda ber-YM?
*The last person u chat with in YM?
Erm..who ah? Ezam kot..the budak manja guy ;p
13) Game paling anda suka?
*Your favorite game?
Solitaire Mahjong!

14) Adakah anda peminat MCR?
*Are u a fan of MCR?
WAS a fan of MCR, and still am! like their music.. ^^,

15) Apa perasaan anda jawab tag ni?
*What do u feel when u answering this tag?
Feels like dejavu~

16) Anda rasa tag ini best?
*Do u think this tag interesting?
Kinda..cos this is my first tag with Q's in it! 
17) Tag lagi 10 orang
*Tag 10 other people
erm..nk tag sape pun lisa tak tau goes~

6 je nama yg terlintas di pikiran lisa skunk ni, 
cukup2 je la tu ek..sudi2 la balas tag ni yek =) 


Matt said...

hehe lawa jam, thanks, jwpn yg sungguh jujur dan ikhlas ;)

Twin XL said...

Such a great ad :)