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Last BBQ Nite a.k.a Bubye Kuantan

Bubye Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket Kuantan!

9 May 2010

My friends and i had our first and LAST BBQ nite
@ our 'special place' ;)
There was izzah, su, ihsan, ekin, ein, angah, nazmi, syuk, kak ruby, jang n na (his gf), bo, sya, and kiki and me~

Everyone came and we had a blast that night!
( but i was kinda sad that some can't make it that night)

The BBQ which chicken was marinated by Bo's recipe was totally sedap!!
Then we had the other boys cook them on the bbq thing-y (huhu dont really know what its called ;p )
There was also sausage..
Then we had salad, which was specially sliced and cut by Kiki and Bo..hehe
I made the Mashed Potato together 
with Sya and Bo who did the mashing part.

We really thought that 4 chickens wouldn't be enough to feed 15 mouths,
but then we didnt really get to finish them off! haha

The fun part was when we exchanged gifts~

I got a mini green chair, like for a small teddy bear chair
from kak ruby..Thanks akak! ^^,
Angah got my little green Stress Ball..hope u like it angah!
Syuk got Bo's present which was this huge study lamp..bestnye hehe
- tu petanda nye syuk kena rajin blaja tau pasni ;)
Then Ihsan got Syuk's present which was this really small (like for a girl size) t-shirt 
which was so 'sincerly wrapped' and had Teluk Chempedak written on it, THAT really got us all laughing!
All in all..everyone really appreciated there presents, its the thought that counts right =)

After that we had this game
where we pass around this box filled with 'denda'
kinda like poison ball but the last person who holds the box
he/she has to draw a piece of paper from the box and do whatever is written on it!

There was the 'Mak Nyah'
the cute little Froggie,
the 'Gay Boy',
the 'Hantu Cina',
the chubby CRAZY GIRL! <-- really like this part
the Bollywood dancer,
the noisy Cat
the Jiwang-jiwang Romeo
the Gomoroh (Gemuruh- Faizal Tahir) singer,
and the shy shouts of 'I Love U's'

Lots of laughter that night, 
and we really didnt care about all the other people at the place that night.

I'll cherish this moment forever in my heart,
really2 miss u all already
till we meet again my dear friends~ alyzv

*sorry no photos, cos the photos we took that night were blurry :(

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