Friday, May 7

What she thought about ... IRON MAN 2

Aaahhh! *fangirl screams*

Dunno if all girls like this guy Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) but i do!
Yeah, i know he's kinda old..but look at him, so dashing..charismatic! ;p

The movie was kinda ok too,
just that i didnt watch the 1st episode of the movie,
so i didnt know much about this Iron Man guy,
RDJ was the ONLY reason i wanted to watch this one! hehe

After all it is a great movie to watch with ur friends and family,
kinda like a Superman-Transformer-Batman-type of movie,
cool gadgets,
costumes (the Iron Man suit that shifts in a Transformer-type style),
egoistic rich hero,
sexy smart heroin,
lots of robot action and fighting
all in all~
Totally Awesome!!!

Watch this movie with ur friend n family this weekend,
and i hope u'll have a great time just like i did ^^,


Twin XL said...

Really love RDJ's work from the 80's....check out Less Than Zero if you haven't already :)

Alyssa Villamor said...

hehe thanks,i'll check it out later :)

jfook said...

Seriously think that this movie is a great disappointment.

fiona06 said...

The movie overall was great. But I don't like the fighting part, ends to quickly xD I was hoping for more action

Alyssa Villamor said...

jfook: well, i guess i had a great time bcos RDJ was innit and didnt care much bout the rest ;p

fiona06: yeah..too quick! espacially when they were fighting with that russian guy..!!