Monday, May 17

Am Liking This: Personal Preference

Lee Min-Ho!! Yes, its him! :P
I remembered Adi, my junior telling me about this new drama
she told me to check it out @ MySoju
Then i did!

Its about Jeon Jin-Ho who is actually a straight guy, but ends up pretending 
he's GAY so that he can stay with his new friend, Park Kae-In.
However he ends up loving this girl along the way~ 

I've only managed to watch this drama up to episode 2
still searching for episode3!
Can't wait to watch the ending part ;D

Here's the part after Kae-In accepts Jin-Ho as her roommie~ really funny! haha


alyzv said...


emil said...


alyzv said...

thanks emil! :)

kenwooi said...

i didnt watch korean dramas for a very long time edy =P

alyzv said...

then u should start watching this lor..hehe ;P

Matt Leopardus said...

oh miss my old times watching korean dramas..dunno when the mood will come by again :|

Matt Leopardus said...

testing reply :Þ

Twin XL said...

Never heard of this before....thanks for the clip :)