Tuesday, May 18

Should You Go On?

A cute bear told me once that she will never believe in love.
That she'll never give into love from any male,
be it bear, tiger or fish.
Because love is such a stupid thing.
Love is for foolish people.
It will only get u into so much trouble,
and in the end you will only feel pain.

This cute bear, she was like any other female bear
with feelings and the need for love.
But she was only hiding them
so that her friends will only see her as a cheery-go-lucky bear~

Till one day,
the cute little bear changed,
she was no longer the happy bear we knew before
she became silent, and always kept to herself.
Her friends tried to find out what changed her.

A boy.
That was all that took to change her.
Though it was hard for her friends to believe,
that the bear that once said she would never fall into love
was caught being in love.
Not that it was something wrong- to be in love and loved
It's just that we never thought that
a hard-hearted bear like her would never be melted
by the quotes of love of a boy.

But love
is not that easy to grasp
you have to realize that there are ups and downs.
Love is not always about flowers and chocolates,
there's also the avalanche and the earthquakes.
That's just the way love works.
And if u can't take it,
would u stay or would u go?

If you're reading this
my dear bear friend.
Do whatever is right,
but don't ever do what you will regret in the future.



Jessica McClintock Bedding said...

Really great post...I think we all can relate to little bear :)

Jessica McClintock Bedding said...

Really great post...I think we can all relate to little bear at some point in our lives :)