Sunday, April 4

Of Titans and Dragons

Yesss!! i watched this movie yesterday,with Is
we argued on watching [How to Train Your]Dragon, but coz i know he'll sleep in the cinema
we decided to watch this movie in the end,
hoping that i'll come out of the cinema pleased and happy..
but no..
This one didnt quite make it into my heart,
its just another cliche movie..
And to add more to its cliche-ness
it has the same plot as Percy Jackson 
& the Lightning Thief!
The main character, Perseus, acted by the one who played Avatar
(Sam Worthington)
how i was surprised to see him in this movie
cos in Avatar he was this cripple and now he's the demi-god! =_=
In Percy Jackson,  he was the son of Poseidon,
but in here he was the son of Zeus..
hummm, just a little twist..but hey, just another cliche! 

I expected that there would be many 'Titans' emerging from the bottom of the ocean,
but only Kraken came forth
(like the beast in Pirates of the Caribbean) 
and is easily defeated by using the head of a Medusa.
Proves to show that the head is more powerful than the body eyh..? ;p

Then, because i still wanted to watch Dragon
i asked my bro, Emil to come watch with me
along with my Mama n Tatay
we watched the midnight movie (11.45pm) ...hehe
see how much i wanted to watch this movie k..

This one i admit is much much better than Alice in Wonderland,
and also more watchable compared to Clash of the Titans!
Coz of the cute Night Fury @ Toothless..hehe
which looks kinda like Stitch don't you think?

Hehe i'm more of a cartoon-pet-lover person.

What strikes me as something funny is that the main character(Hiccup) and his friends are the only ones not talking in Viking-like accent
and whenever i listen to the Viking villagers talking i feel dizzy..huhu

The story is about Hiccup, a unique Viking kid that doesnt like to kill dragons,
but in the end he becomes friends with dragon whom he named 'Toothless'
(you'll know why when you watch this movie)
You'll see how he tames his dragon, and then you'll get to see a whole new perspective of dragons
from being the fierce creatures they are to just another cute animal u can make as ur pets
Now, even i want a pet dragon like Toothless!

So i had a good time watching Dragon 
but i really hoped that the Clash of the Titans had more action into it,
and why is 'Perseus' suddenly becoming popular??

Clash of the Titans 3 and a half 
Dragon 4 and a half

alyzv~after going home from the movies, my fever came back =(


Kelvin said...

I dun like this movie too, many of them who watched in 3D also felt tat it was not worth the $$$~

Alyssa Villamor said...

yup..agreed! ;D wonder why they dont make quality movies anymore..

Zikr the Jalanan Sepi Perantau said...

owh really... i give 3 star both of two this movies ..huhu

Twin XL said...

Such a shame.....loved the original.