Friday, April 2

Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya

Finally, after more than a month
i am HOME!
Just right after class
we (me n Ekin) took the 5.30pm bus to Pekeliling
Guess which bus~~

The bus i most dread riding... 

The seats are VERY VERY uncomfortable, small and your neck aches when u try to sleep! 
Thus i did not sleep for the first 2 hours on the trip to KL..BUT i slept on the remaining 1 and a half hours, and how i so regretted sleeping! - woke up with an aching back =_=

You're forced to 'bob' your head to a hip-hop type of song when you're actually not! 
(a.k.a the bus 'moves' up and down-like a see saw,as it goes faster and faster)
Kinda like this~ 

HUH!How i wished that time flies till i arrive KL~

Then when we reach KL,
we took the Star-LRT,
and suddenly i felt that i didnt recognize this place anymore!
(maybe coz it was night time and that my vision goes down by5% at night?)

I noticed that we were the only 2 Malay girls in the train
and a majority are Chinese..
Did the bus REALLY sent us to KL,
or are we in Hong Kong..or Singapore?? 
I was confused for a while,
until the train picked up some other passengers 
and they were Malay too, but acted in a non-Malay way
(coz of the way they dressed)
who am i to judge eyh?
That's 1 Malaysia for ya!

I see the concept(1M) is very much significant here in KL
rather than in Kuantan.
Maybe coz Kuantan doesnt have a proper public transport
and the people are mostly busy doing their own stuff..?Maybe.. i am, safely home,
in Putrajaya
and off to sleep now


cikgadis said...

sedih ja keadaan bas tu
x best sungguh!

1Malaysia? hm....(-.-)

Alyssa Villamor said...

tau xpe..tpi dah terpaksa kan, nak jugak balik umah..hehe

Matt said...

haha aku pn x suka sama itu bas, x selesa, seat sempit huhuh..

cikgadis said...

bila da sampai rumah..
"wow! bestnyaa!!!!"

huhu..mau pulang rumah juga!
*jeles ni*

Alyssa Villamor said...

Matt: tau xpe!! ni last naik bus tu! bus sani lagi best, tpi dah penuh mase tu..pape pun, bestnye dpt lik uma! ;)

cikgadis: hehe takpe2..msuk cuti sem nanti bercuti la puas2 ;D

BuDakHutaN said...

kesian bas tu... ~_^

BoBoY said...

bo mmg x suka naik trans....
paling teruk pun akan naik bulan restu....
but my favorite is plus....

Alyssa Villamor said...

budakhutan: huhu kami yg penumpang nye yg ptt dikesiankan :(

bo: tu la bo, nak buat cmne..nk naik bas sani, tapi dah penuh..pape pun bersyukur sgt dpt smpai uma jugak =)

aiDieNa said...

Does'nt matter what u've faced along the way.. but to reach home safe and sound is priceless..

Alyssa Villamor said...

aidiena: yep..thats right =)