Tuesday, March 30

The Day of Reckoning

'Hari Penentuan'
in Malay

I look up this word (reckoning) in my Little Oxford Dictionary and found out that it also means count up, total up, depend.

A very suitable word for the expected day that i will be facing.

Only 21 days to THAT day,
where war begins and never ends till the last sweat drops and 
tears dries down
and not one soldier is supposed to give up and surrender
Where you won't have any help in the battle field, it's just YOU.

Prepare yourselves for the day of 

This IS going to be the BIGGEST 'war' i'll ever face!
because this is the 6th and hopefully (insya Allah) 'Final War' that I'll be facing as a diploma student
and the pressure is much intense for me to fulfill expectations
of gaining my last and most crucial DL (Deans List) insya Allah..

Just to let all my blogger friends out there know that'll I'll be busy 
in the coming days,
gotta keep focus my concentration on EXAMS only.

So if i'm not always updating my blog,
i'll just have the time to blogwalk..or not..
but do come over, even to say hye to me..insya Allah, i'll reply with a smile =)

Wish me luck k! ^^,
Bubye..till we meet again~ lyssavi...

alyzv~ i just changed my layout, everything..no more pink n purple..:( 
but what do u think of this new look?


kenwooi said...

all the best =)

aku zaty said...

gudluck sis!=)

rumah baru nie nice..
tapi lagi suke yg lame..

cikgadis said...


bt betul2! hehe

Nip said...

gud luck :)

touyakaruma said...

toyol dah sedia untuk berkhidmat atau belum ?

miz wutever said...

suke kaler purple pink ag..huhu..

Alyssa Villamor said...

kenwooi : thanks for the support! =)

zaty : hehe mekasih..tu r, takpe2 ni cube2 je..lau bosan kte tukar lagi yek ;)

cikgadis : arigatou! ^^,

nip : thanks bro! u too, good luck k? ;D

sue wutever : lor..takper r..perubahan warna skali skala jek, lau warna sama je bosan jew..

Twin XL said...

Oh, gosh...I hope everything went well :)

Twin XL said...

I hope everything went well...updates, please :)

Alyssa Villamor said...

hehe i have 2 paper left,
until 5th april..
only after that i'll update..

thanks for always coming by though ^^, really2 appreciate it!