Friday, April 9

Youtube crazy~

Just another quick update~
With not much idea on what to update on my blog,
i know this is cheap, but its the only one i have now! so pls bear with me k...

Bored and with nothing to do ( no mood for study yet)
i looked through Youtube to watch anything that may amuse me,
then i saw this video (look below) of this chubby chinese kid! ~cute eyh..
and it says he's singing 'i will always love you' by Whitney Houston..added BETTER than the singer itself!

and i dont believe it at first..what do you think?

Nice eyh..hahaha
Better? maybe..but he sings it with 'soul' i guess - look at his face when he sings! =D

Next to that, everytime i surf Youtube
i'll always enjoy a video of MysteryGuitarMan

There's something about guys that play musical instruments that seems hot~ ;)
(ok..maybe he's not playing an intrument in this here vid, but do check out his other vids k)

So, i end my update for now..
till we meet again for the next time idea drops by my door..^^,

alyzv~ which youtube-r do you like to keep track (watch videos) of?


Matt said...

haha that chinese boy really surprise me, nice voice, seems better than the i keep track marie digby, irish japanese descendant, she a good singer n songwriter..

Kelvin said...

That kid is good O.O

Alyssa Villamor said...

matt: yeah, me too..nice eh, i thought that he was going to spoil the song!
marie digby's a beautiful girl..i like her songs, they're so original! =D

kelvin: yup..seems like u cant believe ur ears..hehe

Twin XL said...

Awesome clip - thanks for sharing :)