Monday, March 29


Yay i got my first award!
from Nip (my junior in IKIP College)
After about a week of not updating my blog
(due to time restrictions)
 Thanks Nip! ;)

So, it says that i have to:

1. Thank and link to the person that give u the award
2. Post this award to the Top12 blogger's that i recently discovered and think are fantastic and;
3. Contact them and let them know they've won the award!

So the Top 12 bloggers of my choice are:
(some i recently found and some i find interesting)
  1. Matt Leopardus
  2. Batchiwa
  3.  mengenaldiri
  4. Uncle
  5. areev19
  6. mieyrarif
  7.  Addy
  8. emilamor
  9. remi
  10. mimi
  11. huda
  12. ayie
Enjoy! ^^,


areev19 said...

tq for d award ye :)

Huda said...

waaaaaaaa~ terharu...
terima kaseh~!!!

Alyssa Villamor said...

@ areev : ur welcome ^^,

@ huda : sama2..hehe

Twin XL said...

A very big belated Congrats!!!!