Friday, March 19

The Merrier We'll Be

The more we get together, together
The more we get together,
The MERRIER we'll be!

And your friends are my friends,
And my friends are your friends,
The more we get together the merrier we'll be!

Dunno why today i keep hearing this song in my head.
Its a song i've learnt since Kindergarten!
About making friends, and sharing friends
Your friend is my friend, and my friend is your friend.
Nice cycle eh..

Basically we start off with only one friend,
then we meet other people along the way,
when that one friend has another friends, she/he
introduces the friend to you
Now u have TWO friends..!
Then that friend shows u another of his/her friend
NOW u have a whole bunch of friends!

In a way, its like a game..making friends is a happy game
and no one loses in here.. careful when choosing ur 1st friend,
coz he/she will be the starting point
of u meeting either nice or not-so-nice people
Then u'll never be the same again..

Then again..some people think that they don't need friends
that they're better off alone..
While some have a handful of friends,
but never learn to appreciate them..

The longer we are friends with someone,
we get to see the not-so-good side about him/her
This will be the ultimate test of friendship
whether u may accept that friend for what they are
(just like in love relationships - u give and take, u accept ur partner as is)

If u fail this test, this simple little test
then it just means that u were meant to be just friends,
not more..(i.e best friends, close friends)

BUT do remember:
God doesn't like people who make enemies out of friends.
I've learnt this lesson once, because once u try to flee away from someone u don't like
(that u deem as ur enemy)
Believe me when i say that ONE DAY u will see that person again,
and when u do have that special chance to meet - do Forgive and Forget.
Coz without friends..u have nothing..


kenwooi said...

friends make our life happier =D

Alyssa Villamor said...

yep..they add the colours in our life ;)

Matt said...

best friend forever, i like :)

Anonymous said...

friends are forever... they are seconds to our family.. many people does not like losing friends.. just like i am.. we need to carefully in choosing our friends.. they can be good n not so good.. with them, u can share anything.. so.. be careful in choosing da right friends.. because u not only know him or her once n only at that time.. but forever.. so.. in making a good decision is vital in our lives.. think about it..

miz wutever said...

nice!!!i love it

ohmywtf said...

yes...forget and forgive......but easier to say than done..... :-)

Alyssa Villamor said...

@ anonymous : hye..nice insights..thanks ya ^^,

@ sue wutever : love ya too! ;p

@ ohmywtf : hmm..yea..but we could try ;)

Twin XL said...

Such a great post - love the pics :)