Monday, March 8

Our Last Dinner Together

Hye friends i'm back!!
This week was a pretty hectic week.
But it sure ended with a happy note :)

Saturday (5/3/2010): 
10.15am - AUD390 (Auditing) Common Test
 In spite of sleeping @ 3am last night, doing last minute preparations for our event,
Alhamdulillah i managed to answer this paper well~
8.00pm - The Award Giving Ceremony & Alumni Dinner 
organized by Business And Accountancy Society (BAS)
The event we've been waiting for this Semester.
Our first ever Dinner..yay!
Alhamdulillah it was a success,
even though there were some little problems,
everything went well
and everyone had a great time ^^,

Here are some pics for ur viewing pleasure!

I won most likely student award that night!
thanks to my beloved lecturers..:)
And congrats to all the Committee members and also students and lecturers,
for making this night happen
but most importantly,
to our PM - Muhammad Ariff 

alyzv~still waiting for more pics!


batchiwa. said...

Best student dan student fav lecturer! Hehehe :D
And congrats utk team Ariff which include u kan, for organizing such a memorable dinner.
Two thumbs up! :)

Matt said...

final year dinner ek? :)

Twin XL said...

Awesome pics - looks like such a fun time :)