Friday, March 12

I'm a Mudblood

Mudblood or Half-blood is a term used in Harry Potter to mean that someone is
half mortal, half magic. Like Hermione~

But the topic i'm about to discuss in this entry
is the most talked about topic today:
'Mixed Marriages in Malaysia'

Personally speaking,
i am from a family of mixed marriage parents.
My mom is a Malay, and my dad is a Filipino.
Which makes me half-blood,
which means that i'm also a Harry Potter

Then again, maybe not..
i'm just like any other normal kids
just a kid with normal parents (being a male and a female person)

The thing is, mixed marriages has been going for such a long time
since the time Parameswara came over to Melaka,
and converted into Islam when he married a princess of Pasai.
And when the Sultan of Melaka invited a princess from China
and asked for her hand in marriage,
with her she also brought her dayang2 (maid-in-waiting)
and many Malay men feel in love with their beauty,
thus mixed marriage between Chinese + Malay people.
Not to forget, many traders from other countries came over to Melaka,
and when it was monsoon season, they stayed in Melaka
meet and fell head over heels with a local girl..married..

Mixed marriage is in a way good,
bringing many shades of people into the world,
here in Malaysia alone we have the Baba Nyonya, Mamak, and many more!

However, i regret that some people still think that
mixed marriages will end up un-happily a.k.a 'the D word'.

Come'on people, love is not picky,
people can love anyone they want,
wherever they are,
and whenever they find love,
love with all their hearts that they want to live together till death do they part,
and as long as they marry in the name of God..they may live a happy life~
hey, marriage is a serious thing..its common knowledge people!

No matter who ur marrying,
whether he/she is Malay, or Chinese or Indian..or any other..
there is always a way to work things out..
maybe it is harder, but if u try ur best to face the problems,
together with ur spouse, Insya'll be ok..

For me, mixed marriage is interesting..
PLUS by observing some of my friends who come from these kind of families,
half-blood kids have a chance to be clever ones as well
..insya Allah~

alyzv~a life without problems is no life at all..


Supia Chao said...

I dunno weather I should count myself as mixed marriage anot. My daddy is Taiwanese and mummy is Malaysian. But both are Chinese. ^^
But mixed marriage is just same like normal marriage, should not despite us.

nEo.. said...

Kumusta :-)

Alyssa Villamor said...

yup..i totally agree!
we're just like any other normal families right, just abit special..;)

Alyssa Villamor said...

kumusta neo! hehe
wlpn ayah i org filipina, tapi i tak diajar bahasa nye..huhu
tau sikit2 je.. :(

Matt said...

ur mixed? hmm interesting..mixed breed always have what we call "X-factor" hehe ;)

Alyssa Villamor said...

hehe thanx matt.. ;)

nn said...

im not of mixed parentage. but its true. usually children from mixed parentage are clever and goodlooking ;)

Alyssa Villamor said...

yup2..agreed! ;) hehe

Twin XL said...

My Dad'd Greek & my Mom's American - you're totally normal :)

RemusLupin said...

my dad is a malay n my mom is a chinese. u r awesome. :) but.. my cousin usually call me a ''half-blood'' or a ''half-breed''... btw... mixed marriage is the best. :D