Wednesday, March 3

Accountant To-Be

'Noor Alyssa bt Ahmad Omar Villamor C.P.A'

Wahh..this is my dream!
for those who don't know what the CPA stands for:
and i'm thinking of adding ACCA or CIMA in there too..hehe
(greedy me) ;p

Since it is already my final year here (in college),
i'm ONE STEP closer to becoming a Certified Accountant

I have something to share with u all.
Recently i found this interesting, VERY INTRIGUING article in the Accountants Today;
' Is the Accounting Profession Recession-Proof?'

It gives here the;
Top 10 Recession Proof Professions for 2008
  1. Sales Representative
  2. Software Design
  3. Nursing
  4. Accounting & Finance Executive
  5. Accounting Staff
  6. Networking
  7. Admin Assistant
  8. Business Analysis (Software Implementation)
  9. Business Analysis (Research)
  10. Finance Staff

And apparently,accounting and finance professionals are pretty much in popular demand in Malaysia (based on

  1. Sales/Marketing
  2. Accounting/Finance
  3. Computer/IT
  4. Admin/HR
  5. Engineering
  6. Services
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Arts/Media/Communication
  9. Sciences
  10. Hotels/Restaurants now i'm really pumped-up in pursuing this career - as an accountant!
But the MOST INTERESTING part of the article that i like was this;

The Earning Power of Accounting Professionals '

For the accounting profession, a person who is a fresh graduate may earn a maximum of RM1,800 salary,
 RM2,250 for Junior Executive, 
RM4,600 for Senior Executive, 
RM6,000 for an Accounting Manager,
and RM8,000 for Senior Manager.
or possibly higher!

Nice !
Think of all the books i could buy in Borders !
(yeah, im a book-worm, so sue me =_=)

Ok..its not all about the money, u have to LOVE UR JOB 
so that u wont be stressed out doing something u don't like.
Don't be so laid back though,
Keep urself updated with accounting and finance technology, 
Always try to add-value to urself 
(make ur self special so that potential employers are interested in hiring u),
and Put urself in the social circle 
(sell urself!) 
and i'm not only saying this on behalf of Accountancy,
but also for all the other jobs (whether weird, cool or common) in the world.
-No matter what u do, do it right-

alyzv~ there is an 'accountant' in every one of us (=


Anonymous said...

tgk audit firm jugak lar..area mn..
ader 2 dah MIA mber & CA tp gji besa2 jer..;)
abes blja msuk firm dlu cr pgalaman k..2 yg penting klu nk gji byk msklar gomen..hehe

Alyssa Villamor said...

yup2..tu semestinye, sy nk cuba kumpul sebanyak experience yg boleh, baru gaji masyuk kan..hehe
alor..mcm tak bes ne keje gomen?