Sunday, February 28

Like It Or Not?

Has the little person inside ur head ever told u,

When everything around u feels so messed up,
when u feel like giving up
and running away from everybody.
Don't u just hate ur life?

JUST be thankful u have the most precious GIFT from GOD:
a life filled with ups and downs,
filled with colours.

But try to look around u,
and think of all the hateful things that we should hate.

As i was watched the news last night, 
the people of Malaysia (and the whole world) sympathized on the unfortunate fate that brought to the death of 

How can a person be so cruel to an innocent little girl!
It breaks my heart thinking of that there are 'crazy' people that don't appreciate the life of themselves, let alone the life of an infant.'s ok if U HATE UR LIFE, 
Just Don't Blame It On Other Peoples LIFE..OK?!

Some married couples who can't have kids of their own try so hard, waited years to have their own baby,
and bad people are still having and throwing kids away, like trash.
"Oh, who cares, i had a baby before, i can make more of em later"
yeah right !

I feel nothing but hatred towards this kind of people,
but i do hope that they will receive their rightful punishment, if not now, then maybe in the after life.

But lets pray together, to appreciate life more, to stay strong no matter what life hits u with, to live a life that is already planned out perfectly by ALLAH SWT.

Like it or not:
Have a great Life people!


kenwooi said...

life is great if we live life to the fullest! =D

fitri oh fitri said...

saya suka semangat anda!

Matt said...

sometimes i feel like "i hate my life" too, but always put that aside coz it will never benefit me, better go on with my life and discover what will happen, whether good or bad, it sure has its ups and downs right my friend? :)

Alyssa Villamor said...

@kenwooi : that's right! i like to imagine the glass as half full ;)

@fitri : trima kasih =)

@matt : yup, i very much agree with u my friend..every grey cloud has a silver lining right..;D