Thursday, February 25

The King of the Jungle

The Lion is the King of the Jungle.
All the other animals chose him because he looked like a leader,
smelled like a leader, and MOST importantly 
he acted like a leader.

Yes. The Lion has always been the leader, the King in the Jungle.
Not one animal can take his place.
Once the votes had been casted and confirmed
by a majority of the animal society,
The Lion is King.

Some may think that once you are King
that you can do ANYTHING you wanted,
that everything you do or don't do won't taint your king-ship(dunno if this is even a word..haha)
that the jungle runs smoothly with or without the King,
WHY Need a King When The Kingdom is Already OK??

So, about this Lion - King,
he is not a very nice Lion..he told a lie to himself,
and he lied to his friends,
and MOST unfortunately, he lied to his people.
Yes, this Lion is indeed not a very nice one.

Now, you remembered that the majority of the society 
agreed to make him King right?
Why? Just because he LOOKED like one.
Never trust your 1st impression on somebody. 
Maybe just 10% on 1st impression BUT NEVER put your full trust on impressions!
But that's a whole different story.

The Lion, after becoming King
he turned into a big-headed..erm..pig..
sorry, i can't find any other suitable words to describe him..
but yeah, that's what he turned out to be.
When the other animal committee members realized this,
it was already too late to fix the problem,
to make the Lion back down from his post.
The Lion was too egoistic. 
He stood by his position as King,
and never realizing that he never did anything as King.

Not long after, the King was approached by his subordinates,
the ones who completed the job that HE was suppose to complete!
They told him of their feelings and all,
but the King said nothing,
he just kept to his ego..he said nothing at all.
Those poor subordinates were left tired and ever more frustrated.

As for Now...

The King is still the King of the Jungle.
That is why the Lion is always King.

p/s: Ever thought of Scorpions being King? 

alyzv~ any ideas on how to kill a 'Lion' ?


Matt said...

tu dia, lyssa dah kembali, siap berpuisi lagi, hehe, hmm.. scorpion being a king? maybe king of conspiracy and he will conspire with his cronies to kill the Lion. just my ridiculous thought lol :Þ

Alyssa Villamor said... bukan berpuisi la, ni cerita dalam cerita..;p
hahah i like ur thinking! u understand my story..hehe

JAI said...

Nice blog..ingat nak update dalam blogger terhebat..hampehh..kat cc kena blog

kenwooi said...

lions are usually egoistic.. anyway, missed watching lion king =)

Alyssa Villamor said...

@ jai : thanks :) apa maksud jai cc kena blog?

@ kenwooi : hehe i love the lion king! cute little simba..;)

YuSeNzE - KniGhT said...

is this a poem??? ehehe~~~
We should think how to vanish a "liar"...
We should love the lion...
erk!!?? ade kene mengene ke nih... wek...;P

Alyssa Villamor said...

ahah it looks like a poem,
but acts like a story ;p
hm?why should we love the lion??
tak faham lor..huhu

Matt said...

yeah missed the lion king too, favorite animation :) we should love the right lion :) kalo baik cam simba takpe, kalo jahat cam pakcik simba tu, takleh aa huhu :Þ