Sunday, March 14

its EARTH HOUR again!

Yay! Its that time of the year again!
Not Hari Raya, not School Holidays
Earth Hour - Proudly Committed
I've posted about EH last year,
but unfortunately i HAD to keep the lights on on 28/3/2009
due to some 'problems' i had to face that night.
BUT i promise myself that this year 
0n 27/3/2010 (Saturday)
i'll turn my lights out at exactly 8.30pm
for 1 Hour.

So..some of u out there may not know why turning off the lights is so popular..right?
Its a way of saying u love Earth
kinda like a global climate change initiative to SAVE EARTH.
Since the Earth is facing a global meltdown
(if u've noticed, Malaysia feels like Egypt on Summer!)
Earth Hour seems like a way to make the whole world join
and take part in saving the Earth.

Simply said : For every lights u turn off that day
counts as a 'vote' to save Earth and fight Global Warming (and such).

"So, i've turn my lights out, what should i do for 1 hour huh?"
Here are some of my suggestions:
- Have a BBQ @ ur house!
- Sit together with ur friends, and share ghost stories (or not-so-ghost stories)
- Have a friend who can play a guitar, and sing along to songs, play guessing-the-song game.
- Go star gazing by the beach..count the stars..while eating snacks..and chatting with friends...
(i'll be doing this..insya Allah)

- Or U can sleep for one hour!haha ;p
Now u have some ideas on what to do for EH..
I urge u guys and gals..
Let's turn off the lights!
Its time we show our gratitude to our home, Earth.


Aidi-Safuan said...

huhu...last year tutup lampu pastu teros tertido. so tutup lampu lebih sejam. :p

Alyssa Villamor said...

haha kire ok la tu, drpd tak tau nk wat pe baik tido kan..hehe ;p

Matt said...

last year aku tak ambik ape2 tindakan huhu :Þ

BuDakHutaN said...

yup! sukung earth hour ~_^

BuDakHutaN said...

yup! kita harus sukung earth hour.. untuk bumi tercinta

Alyssa Villamor said...

@ matt : eleh..jadi awk tak cintakan bumi la kan ;p
hehe tak kesah pun buat ke tak, benda ni pun wat secara sukarela je..

@ BudakHutan: yup2..jom sama2 selamatkan bumi tercinta =D

nn said...

tak sabar mau earth hour. last year after 30minit baru perasan sebab dok kat bilik sorang2 ralit online sampai lupa -_-

Alyssa Villamor said...

hehe betul3..
earth hour kali ni tak online selama sejam pun takpe kan..;)

fj said...

plan kita nak lari dri majlis penutup karnival intelek utk support earth hour tu jadi ke? haha. :))

Alyssa Villamor said...

shhh fj!
t terbocor la plan kte kat mpp t..senyap2 suda..hehe ;p

fj said...

haha. :)) sorry mpp.

Twin XL said...

Great suggestions for dealing with the lights off.....would be great if everyone could take an hour a week to turn the lights down.