Friday, March 12

Things Girls Don't Like about Boys my entry this time is abit different from my previous posts,
its just coz i'm in the mood to share it with u guys today..

So there are
5 things that Girls DON'T like about Boys:

  1. When u LIE to us - thinking that we will never find out about it, but eventually one day the cats gonna get out the bag man
  2. When ur being irresponsible - u ditch ur responsibilities and expect us to cover for u, or sometimes u 'forget' jobs that people has entrusted u with
  3. When u shout and raise a hand at girls (what we call dayus in Malay) andddd also when u make whistling sounds at us..what do u think we are, cats?? ehem2..
  4. When u don't take care of ur hygiene, not wash up after urself..with all the sweat spewing from ur sweaty glands, and the nails u like to keep long and dirty!y do u even keep long nails??to paint portraits of urselves maybe?
  5. When u show that ur too EGOISTIC..when all u do is talk about urself..blah blah blah..and insists that ur RIGHT when the facts already prove that ur in the WRONG side..people (not even girls) find it hard to tolerate ego behaviour, so try (DO) loosen that bit of behaviour OK..learn to give & take~

Hey..i'm not being emotional here, its just that i hope the guys out there who read my entry will maybe realize that these are some of thing they don't like about u.
Come on wake up guys..its not that hard to make us LIKE u..!!


    saya_arief said...

    haha..good info..
    boys dont like girls when....

    kenwooi said...

    yeah.. quite true =)

    Jan said...


    Alyssa Villamor said...

    @arief : hehe maybe u should create an entry on that topic..;)

    @kenwooi : only quite?hehe

    aku zaty said...

    yeah,datz rite!
    agreed with u!=p

    Alyssa Villamor said...

    @ jan : =)

    @ zaty : thanx! ;)

    Twin XL said...

    #1 is totally the worst :(