Tuesday, February 16

ODD Number 101~


Thanks for the support, friends. Love ya!


 I've always liked odd numbers,
Especially with number 1 in i.

My fav num is 11
because its the date of my birthday!
And i've always wanted to be #1
in everything i do~

So to my 101 friends,
(not 101 dalmatians)  
and also to those silent readers,

I really appreciate u spending ur time here~
Please don't ever feel bored to come over,
  ! hope u have a great time!


"Appreciation is a wonderful thing : It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well"
- Voltaire


Matt said...

hahah, my birthday is also 11, same la kita ^_^

kenwooi said...

i like 31.. odd number.. =P


Alyssa Villamor said...

@matt : haha..mine is on august..yours?

@kenwooi : let me guess..its ur birthday too? ;)

Matt said...

mine is november, so 11.11, lots of 11 :Þ