Tuesday, February 16

My review of Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

I watched this movie with my bro last night

Its a story about the cute guy 
(refer to poster above)
who is half man half god.
His father is the Olympian God, Poseidon the God of the Sea,
(the father of Ariel, in The Little Mermaid) note: does not relate to this movie!
who is suppose to be one of the TOP 3 Gods in Olympus,
besides Hades and Zeus.

Soo...this Poseidon guy had a one night stand (dunno if its true love or what)
with this lady,
and along came Percy Jackson,
the dyslexic kid with ADHD.
He had a normal life~
Then suddenly,
he was accused of STEALING Zeus's Lightning Bolt!
Because supposedly 'kids of gods' CAN steal from gods,
there's no rule against that.

Then Percy's mom got vanquished,
and Percy found out that in order to get back his mom
he has to return the Lightning Bolt to Hades
(coz Hades wanted to use the Bolt to take over Olympus)

They go through many obstacles,
including a Boy like Girl, Girl like Boy essence
Found the Lightning,
Fight with the protagonist - which i'm not telling here!
Give back the Bolt to Zeus,
and Percy's new life is spent at the demi-god camp!

Its kinda like a Hercules-type movie,
encounters with Medusa, Hydra, and such Romanian creatures.
And the heroin - being like a Zena-type figure..huh!
Its kinda cliche to me,
and very teenager-ish - not that hard to figure what will happen next!
And the movie feels like a game, a Harry Potter game maybe..huhu
You'll understand why if u watch this movie.

How many stars for this movie? 3/5 Stars

alyzv~ wonder is the book is much better..of course!


sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

tapi ramai kata cite ni tak capai satisfaction and expectation.. hurm.. nmpk dah gempak dah poster..br ingt nk tgk :)

SyuQ said...

poster nampak gempak
trailer kat cinema pon blh tahan
sekali citer...

Alyssa Villamor said...

erm..tu r lau nk tgk pun, tak yah la kat cinema..tak berbaloi..serius..
download3!hahaha ;p