Wednesday, February 17


Is it possible that those 3 words (above) may mean the same thing as
I Love You
Then if No is your answer..Good!
I was beginning to think they mean the same,
or if
that is what is supposed to be portrayed in the movie
Valentine's Day?

Exactly WHAT is Valentine's Day?

a) Waking up in the morning with a man who suddenly proposes to u AND then realize that ur not ready for a commitment
b) Waking up in the morning with a doctor, Who is already married with kids (psst, and u dont even know this!)
c) Waking up in the morning to see freshly pick roses for u by ur husband
d) Waking up as a person who organizes 'I Hate Valentines' dinner.
e) Receiving a GIGANTIC teddy bear from ur high school lover.
f) Planning to have sex (for ur very first time) with ur high school boyf
WHO subscribes to phone sex! But eventually realize u want to wait for the 'Magic' moment.
g) Admitting that ur a gay in live TV
h) Taking a 14hour flight to meet ur loved one for only 2hours 
i) Realizing that ur True Love has been right beside u all the time - ur Best friend.
j) Finding out that u fell in love with a girl (who is working part time as an Adult Phone Entertainer, i cant remmber the word) who u just dated for 2 weeks!

erm..that's Love for u..wait!
That's Valentine's Day for U~
Though i kinda feel this movie is another cilche love story!
With happy endings
and some stories which are kinda hanging
and unresolved - not full of love.

What i'm sure of is I left the cinema 
and it got me thinking:

There is nothing 'special' about V-day
everyone in the whole wide world celebrates it,
giving flowers, and cards, chocs
saying I.L.U 
its too common!
and in a way NOT romantic.
Simply said-
Its a short-cut for un-romantic guys who dont remember their anniversary date,
(pardon me if ur anniversary is on V-day..Happy Anniversary!)

Let's Get Naked!!
-from the movie Valentine's Day


Matt said...

u dah tgk ke movie tu? best ke tak?

Alyssa Villamor said...

dah baru tadi tgk..
erm..for me being a romantic, and the movie is not romantic
i bagi 2 1/2 bintang je kot~

DaHLia said...

hoh...tajukkk xhengat!!!! hahahahah

Matt said...

haha low giler rating, dah sah x best :P

Alyssa Villamor said...

haha kak dahlia, saje je nak bikin 'hot story'..jgn mara yek ;)

mmg tak best pun mat!baik download n tgk kat laptop jew..huhu

BoBoY said...

nak tgk jugak movie ni =(

Ahm2480 said...

tq dtg jalan2 blog ahm