Sunday, February 14

So U Think U Can Talk?

Finally i've finished reading this book!

What i learnt from this book?

1. Try to answer this Q : Which part of a MAN grows five times LARGER when he sees a GIRL?
think of the answer~
and i'll get back to this one by the end of this entry k! ;)

2. The on-going Q on 'Why the Myspace look exists?'
For some who dont know what a 'Myspace(MS) look' looks like

-with the camera at least 180 degrees from ur face + put on a flirtatious smile ~ SNAP! 
U have urself a 'MS look'!

A MAJORITY of MS citizens default this kind of picture in their profile!
It shows urself of being an inferior,
and it draws people's attention
to sympathize u,
to feel protective towards u,
and say
'This girl is cute, and she needs someone to protect her, and i can do that.'

Then..I realized..why guys like shorter girls..
Can u figure this one out by urself? arguments here, girls are inborn this way..right? ;)

3.Did u know that bottle-fed babies are three times likely to become smokers than breastfed babies?
Those who are breastfed longer are proven to NOT smoke..EVER..
this is proven through statistics k!

Coz..those who are breastfed longer have high self-esteem,
and are more sure about themselves,
they dont need 'something' to build their confidence.
As for smokers, who may seem macho-looking 
They are actually the ones who are in need of self-assurance,
they are uncomfortable about something.
Stressed? Dont smoke!
Smoking only increases ur stress level,
due to the nicotine dependency- when not able to smoke ur stress level heightens!

Though i'm no quite sure why u'd wanna smoke if u look like this..stress much??
'Smoking is similar to hitting urself over the head 
with a hammer because, when u stop, u feel better'

There's many2 more interesting body language info i'd like to share with u 
Maybe next time k.
Hope this info may be useful to u! ;D
alyzv~ the answer to Q1 is his EYES! did u answer correctly??


batchiwa. said...

Hahaha omg i teka salah gile!
Dirty minded! Hahaha :p
Mcm best je buku tuh Lisa?
Heee :)

BoBoY said...

i answered it correct!!!!!!
batch otak kuning!!!!!!!!
x senonoh!!!!

Alyssa Villamor said...

hahaha ape la yg si basirah teka yek ;;) buku nie, now i know how to read ppl..huahuahua *evil laugh*

ala bo of course u know!kite da pernah tanya Q ni kat fb kan ;)

batchiwa. said...

eleh poyo ariff!
bukan otak kuning lah.
but its like too common kan.
ape lg yg panjang? hahaha :p

eh nak pinjam bukuuuu :)