Sunday, January 17

St. Ronan Kindergarten

My St. Ronan Kindy classmates
@ Titiwangsa (if im not mistaken)

I forgot what year this was~
I was still a kid, obviously i forgot,
kids dont care about these little stuff,
all they want is to have fun.. ;P

I dont even remember what my class was called
what were the names of my classmates
and the name of the friend whom i ate lunch with everyday!

So i hope by me posting this entry,
i could find my long lost friends who used to go to this kindy
n catch up on things
If you've been to this particular kindy,
please send a reply,
add me in my facebook,
 i want u!

alyzv~ BTW im the girl being 'crushed' by that chinese n malay guy~cant remember their names..haha

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