Thursday, January 14

And The Rabbit Found Her Burrow~

A cute rabbit lives free and happy,
with no one to supervise her,
she may do what ever she wants
and still get away with it..almost as easily..just by acting her cute little self.

But this rabbit, she was not this way before this,
her previous life
was FULL of rules,
that she cant stand abiding to.
She cant take the pressure of the thousands of rules she had to live by
Till one end, it suffocates her,
she felt like exploding
and she wanted to run away from those rules,
with her OWN rules.

The cute rabbit did find her so called 'life'
but the life was not a nice life
as we all say..the grass is always greener on the other side~

What happened to the rabbit?
She may be cute,
the cuteness was her weapon,
her attractiveness that got her what she wanted, did get all the bucks (male rabbit) on the block going after her.
The rabbit..her life is a mess now,
some may not be able to respect her,
even i feel sorry for her,
i just hoped i knew a way to change her,
but she's just a rabbit,
nothing else...~

alyzv~i created this 'story' based on someone i know~


フェブリヤント said...

remind me to some english materials in Hi school,. hha

Alyssa Villamor said...

hehe well, the thing is i made this story up on my own..takde cilok2 :P